Initiatives of Change Malaysia

Thoughts and reflections on life

Change starts with me

K Haridas Nair reflects on new insights into the principle that ‘Change starts with me’ gained during a course run by the Arbinger Institute at the recent Tools for Change -KL 2012 conference.


Ahimsa - the basis for absolute love

Ahimsa, or ‘non-injury’, has been the inspiration behind the non-violent movements that sprung up in India and was much in vogue during the Indian Independence struggle. Today it is in forefront of the anti-corruption call in India. K Haridas Nair relates Ahisma to the idea of Absolute Love in the fourth (and last) of our series looking at core moral values from an Eastern perspective.


'Karma yoga', or absolute unselfishness

K Haridas Nair from Malaysia looks at the idea of absolute unselfishness through the Hindu path of ‘Karma yoga’ – or selfless action. This is the third of a series in which we look at core moral values from an Eastern perspective.